Hi, my name is Michael Pillucere, and I am here to tell you why you should hire me:

1. I just graduated from USF with a BA in Mass Communications (with a focus in TV Production).
I know Lights, Cameras, and Action!

2. I have worked in retail for 8 years.
If you haven't personally worked retail you may not realize it, but it can take a lot of patience, attention to detail, and problem-solving.

3. I'm just like, an okay guy, ya know?
I am highly motivated and I will work with you and your team to make sure that the task at hand is completed and done well. I also have an amicable sense of humor.


If you'd prefer the less aggressive, more dating-app style, here you go:
Heya :) I'm 23 years old, and I just (finally!) graduated from USF in Tampa. I typically watch more TV than movies, but I like those too. Yes, I have seen The Office, and yes, your favorite episode is in fact the best episode.
If you like videography, photography, or writing we will definitely get along. I am quite skilled at administrative and office-type work as well.
I love to laugh! If we can joke around, and still get the work done in a timely manner, that is the dream!
Before COVID-19 I used to love travelling (to an office or set), but I am okay with working remotely, too. Whatever works for you! :)
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